Catalyst is shaped around 8 units including local and international immersions, ongoing mentoring and discussions with change makers from around the globe.

Unit 1

Cross Cultural Exposure

This unit gives you the opportunity to reflect missiologically on a supervised group field trip overseas. It explores the issues of crosscultural engagement, while gaining an understanding of the relationship between gospel and culture. It further allows you to personally reflect on your own cultural bias and assumptions.

Unit 2

Theological Reflection on Vocation and Purpose - Part A

This unit is designed to challenge you to intentionally reflect on what it means to live as active, responsible, graceful agents of God’s kingdom of love in all the contexts of your life. You will be invited to explore what God is shaping in you vocationally and purposefully.

Part A will concentrate on reflective capacities and experimenting in various contexts (e.g. volunteering, challenging comfort zones, cross-cultural interaction, testing giftedness and passion, exploring a global issue etc.) to begin to discern and articulate what God might be calling you to do with your life. There will also be a focus on key areas of formation such as: goal setting, identity and character, authenticity and ethics and spiritual disciplines.

Unit 3

Theology for Today’s World

This unit seeks to explore the core doctrines of the Christian faith. The focus is on exploring theological themes in relation to contemporary culture and with an emphasis on “doing theology” in relation to practice.

Unit 4

Justice in the Old Testament

This unit is an introduction to the Hebrew Bible, with a particular focus on reading through a broad theme of justice. The unit will explore the relationship between justice and other theological themes such as righteousness, peace, liberation, law and inclusion.

Unit 5

Supervised Ministry Immersion

This unit explores the art and challenges of Christian ministry and mission in the globalised twenty-first century, through a supervised field trip. This will include examining critical issues such as contextualisation and incarnation, cross-cultural communication, wholistic mission and justice through a combination of readings and reflection on the field trip.

Unit 6

Theological Reflection on Vocation and Purpose – Part B

Part B will concentrate on digging deeper into spiritual formation and discernment capacities as it impacts your ongoing purposeful engagement with the world. Key theological and formational issues will be explored such as: spiritual health and resilience, deep listening in a noisy world, purpose and sustainability, emerging frontiers of missional thinking and practically partnering with God in the kingdom of love.

Unit 7

Reading the Bible for Transformation

This unit will investigate the connection between Biblical interpretation and social transformation. Contextual approaches to Scripture will be explored, with attention given to issues related to political, cultural and environmental spheres of life.

Unit 8

Jesus: His Person, Mission and Impact

This unit explores the person of Jesus in his historical context and how the early church responded to his mission. It moves beyond historical and biblical discussions to his impact throughout history and his relevance for our lives today.