Why Catalyst

"Education that inspires change and develops young people into individuals that make a difference in the world is worth investing in. Catalyst is such a program and great opportunity for anyone who is considering their future. "
Tim Costello - Chief Advocate of World Vision Australia 

What makes us unique.

1. One year, university accredited 

This is not a gap year. Students study full-time and complete a Diploma or higher. We are not here to waste time, we are committed to helping students get on with the rest of their lives.  

2. Blended delivery

The blended delivery of hub days, intensives and immersions allows for great flexibility. A typical week includes one hub day. Many of our students continue to work and engage in placements which only enhances their learning experience. 

3. Our students travel 

Students are exposed to the needs of the world, travelling both overseas and to central Australia. These experiences can be confronting, however they build character, resilience and meaningful relationships. The trips form a key part of the course and embed curricula such as justice, community development, politics and faith in real life experiences. 

4. We link with industry leaders

During most hub sessions, our students personally connect with and hear from a wide range of people we call, industry leaders. These people represent businesses, NGO's, government, health care, sport and other spheres of society. Their stories challenge, inspire and open up opportunities for ongoing mentoring. 

5. We focus on personal development

Our students develop soft skills that are important in today's world such as cross cultural communication and self awareness. Our team are committed to supporting student achievement both personally and academically. 

6. Multiple Hub locations

Our interstate Hubs overlap and connect throughout the year, particularly during the immersion trips. This creates unique opportunities to establish relationships across Australia and beyond. Catalyst is study that is intentionally aware of other contexts. 

7. Internships and placements

We support internships and placements, whether in local churches or other organisations. This is not a requirement of the course, however students engage in personal experiments during the program, so we encourage students to pursue interests and areas of passion. 

8. Diversity and experience

Our team bring experience from diverse backgrounds and fields of study and ministry including church leadership, youth, international development, chaplaincy, business and biblical scholarship. Similarly, our students are diverse and represent a variety of denominations and traditions. 

9. Relationships and partners

Our relationships and partners extend to some of the remote places in the world. As a result, our students are better equipped to respond to the needs of others through robust engagement with social issues.


Resource and empower young adults and emerging leaders. 

There are things that you do well at the local church level. There are things that we do well through tertiary education. Together we can develop young adults for a life of ministry and service in whatever sphere of life. 

Why partner with us.

1. The course can run alongside ministry placements and internships. 

2. Students study at university level to better resource them for future work and/or further study. 

3. We provide a theological education that is fully integrated and relevant for today's world.

4. Students will be well placed to serve in a multicultural Australia through cultural exposure and studies.

5. Students are exposed to the global church.

"Participating in the Catalyst program alongside ministry and leadership development at my church has provided a great combination of theoretical and practical learning. I began the year feeling uncertain of my future and emerge from it feeling equipped, empowered and excited about what He has in store for me."
- Laura Tepe (2018 Catalyst student, Melbourne)


Making important decisions regarding future career, faith and study can be challenging for many young adults. They need environments that create space to navigate this well and support discovery, creativity and purpose. Catalyst is intentional about resourcing young adults in the context of high quality university education. 

A Catalyst for change.

1. Allow young adults time to discover, discern and develop.

2. They will study at bachelor level or higher in an intimate setting, with personal guidance from lecturers.

3. They will gain maturity and independence, connecting with a diverse range of people

4. Their faith and biblical knowledge will be encouraged, challenged and deepened.

5. It will provide the opportunity to re-evaluate what is important.

6. They will transition to future study and work with greater confidence, awareness and sense of direction.